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Why Skip Supper for Others?

Did you know that almost a half of a million in the Greater Philadelphians live in poverty and risk chronic hunger?  Did you know that these half of a million people rely on services, like 500 volunteer-run food cupboards in the city, for their food?

Many of the Philadelphia poor merely reduce the size of their meals or skip meals entirely because they cannot afford food purchases, or because the volunteer food cupboards in their area are running low.

So how can one help these volunteer-run food cupboards to keep their pantries full enough to feed the hungry Philadelphia masses?  Through non-profit organizations like Skip Supper for Others, that’s how.

Skip Supper for Others (SSFO) was founded as a way for the more affluent Philadelphians to help those in need of the basics of life, like food, by asking diners to skip that extra appetizer, to skip that dessert and to donate the money instead.   SSFO would then take these donations and forward them to local organizations so they can fill their cupboards with food to feed hungry masses and to help eliminate hunger in Philadelphia.

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Our Mission
To partner with the local organizations ensuring that all Philadelphians are offered the opportunity to enjoy healthy, satisfying meals served in an environment that promotes self-worth and personal well-being.